SeraMyu : Second Stage Musical Shrine
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Welcome to the Second Stage SailorMoon Musical Shrine!
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Last Updated | 16 January 00
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Fumina and shin SeeraaMuun, Miyuki!
[ original scan image by nekochan from eileteen 12 / 99 ]

Welcome to the Non-Frame Version of my SeraMyu : Second Stage Shrine!

Here you will find Top Quality Information, Media, Photographs and much more of the Second Generation Actresses and Actors.
Please browse anywhere you wish.
But please remember, this site is under heavy construction!

Below, there are tags featuring the Musicals of the Second Stage.

Shin Densetsu Kourin features a Musical Summary
Kaguya Shima Densetsu is still in construction
Last Dracula Overture features Cast and Pictures

Thanks again for visiting my page, and I hope you enjoy it!

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2000 Musical


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