2000 Musical ~ 500th Performance Info
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SeraMyu 2000 - Winter
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Shin Henshin Super Senshi e no Michi
Last Dorakuru Jokyoku
"New Transformation ~ The Road to Super Senshi
Last Dracula Overture"
The 500th Performance!

* 500th Performance *

The 500th Performance Celebration of SeraMyu has come and gone,
but the Special Appearances by Old Members of the Stage left it a memoriable one!

The following were reported to have 'stopped by' on the Memoriable Day.

Oyama Anza [First Stage SailorMoon/Usagi]
Hara Fumina [Second Stage SailorMoon/Usagi]
Morino Ayako [First Stage SailorMercury/Ami]
Saito Rei [First Stage SailorPluto/Setsuna]
Kawaski Mao [First Stage SailorChibiMoon/ChibiChibiMoon]
Ono Hikari [First Stage HawksEye/SailorStarMaker]
Okuyama Momoko [First Stage SailorStarHealer]

So far, Miyuki-chan's performance has been rated as "Great!".
All other fans who have not had the pleasure of watching this musical live await the chance.
Personally, Miyuki-chan looks like a great performer, and I continue to support her, as I do the past, present and future Myu Performers!

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