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Shin Densetsu Kourin : The Story Summary By GimuGimu-san! Edited by Dai-chan!

~ [The 1st act]~

The weird music...
Chibi-Moon is fighting alone. However, she has been surrounded by the enemy at last. At the time, the light flashes and ChibiChibiMoon appears. The enemy scatters.

**** music " Double Moonlight Romance " ****

(At the performance in July, SailorMercury, SailorMars, SailorJupiter and SailorVenus didn't appear on this place.)
Tuxedo Mask heads for Galaxia but has been taken in his StarSeed..

At the rooftop at the school. Usagi misses alone there. She grieves for contact's not coming from Mamoru. Setsuna comes there and she cheers Usagi.

**** music "Shadow on My Sweet Memories" ****

As for Usagi, the vigor appeared. However, the meteor flies in the sky weird and leaves..
Galaxia solves and gives off the seal which was prepared by her to make former Queen Beryl wake up from the dark inside. Queen Beryl who fought against SailorMoon formerly was revived at last!!

**** music " Yami no hitsugi" ****

King Endymion appears there. However, he paid love to Queen Beryl to the strange thing. Then, a tribute is sacrificed to Queen Beryl from Galaxia. It is the enemy ... former days Sailor Moon....Amazon trio.....
The vigorous voice of Usagi sounds. This place is a gym at the school.

**** music "Seisyun no syoumi-kigen" ****

The doubtful gym teacher comes suddenly there(^^;; He announces that he is " Mantle Chiba ". (Actually, it stole for King Endymion who was manipulated by the enemy to trick them...)
He tries to make them practice an impossible arrow reason 1 ring car. Haruka and Michiru are amazed and have gone somewhere but Usagi is frolicking.
Then, suddenly, this time, three of the mysteries dive. They were former an enemy, an Amazon trio. However, Usagi doesn't waken to turn aside.

**** music " Amazon kara circus dan ga yattekita! " ****

The Amazon trio tries to rape a scheme, it when there is a person who has a pure heart in them.
Amazon trio and King Endymion invite them out to the midnight circus. Of course, it is to rape their pure heart..
It firms making up one's mind, saying three of the Amazon trio " become a human being, always raping pure heart ".

**** music " Galaxia gorgeous " ****

Galaxia tries to make sailor Saturn awake to despoil " total star seed ".
It was Galaxia who gives the subordinates an order but the beautiful light appears there. She seems to fear the light. She said "You are early at the moment, too, and pick the seed of that light!"
As for three of Amazon trio, it is carrying forward a strategy respectively.

**** music " Amazon Trio no Yume Sagashi " ****

They begin the practice of the circus to execute a strategy.
The bell of the carrying telephone which the eyes of the tiger have sounded. It was a telephone from Queen Beryl. He said "Queen Beryl said, next time, make me sing."(laugh ^^;)
And he said "The deep-seated grudge of the woman is fearful. The love in the past she still has tens of thousands of years of regret. It had better give up already!!"
However, a telephone wasn't broken! Tigers eye is flurried!!!
Usagi who knows nothing came there.... There was no one there. They become gradually anxious.
Then, the illumination disappeared suddenly. The door is struck at to them and they are caught !!

**** music " Muma no Odori " ****

Four of Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako are brainwashed by the enemy and have been caught. They had been peeped into in the dream to Amazon trio but there was not pure dream there... " Next, it is your turn " Amazon trio is struck at to Usagi......
SailorUranus and SailorNeptune came to the help!! Two deadliness skills explode!! However, Queen Beryl appeared. Uranus and Neptune didn't match her.
"Dead Scream !!"
This time, SailorPluto emerged and sealed the skill of Queen Beryl.

**** music " Stay Alone " ****

(The text of this music got to tell the love which isn't granted with before different.)
Queen Beryl sneers at such Pluto. She hates Usagi. She was raped in the love star with the leman by SailorMoon. If there was not even SailorMoon, she was an ordinary queen and could be....
Usagi cried and apologized. However, it loves Mamoru very much. "If... If Mamoru gets to like the other woman, I permit him. It thinks that I will permit him... Because my love becomes false in case of meeting and not being... "
(At this time, the eyes of Queen Beryl become that it seems that it is sad terribly momentarily.)
Queen Beryl who did on the converse. The door opens short and Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako appear. Usagi was glad about their safety. But, they were not them so far.... Queen Beryl takes them and has disappeared....
The Sailor Soldiers try to attack the Amazon trio which was left in the place. However, the clowns of the circus appear... They were the soldier of the enemy!! As for that there are many enemies, the Sailor Soldier doesn't match. The rose flies there!! Tuxedo mask came to the help!!! Moreover, King Endymion who was an enemy appeared and became a combat with the tuxedo mask.

**** music " Tuxedo Mission " ****

But.. Tuxedo mask has been laid by King Endymion. They disappear......
Usagi is good if there is it how, or it is troubled and has cried. It has been troubled about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
Suddenly, the light overflows explosively and the time and space warps!! The door of space began to open selfishly!!! Chibi-Moon came!!!
"Usagi! The 30th century is terrible! PaPa had disappeared suddenly!!!"
SailorSaturn emerged there.... Usagi and Chibi-Moon go out to the spy in the enemy. SailorSaturn said " In the future, there is not to be as this!! But, it isn't possible to go by avoiding fate."
SailorUranus said " We receives the fate and rides over it. We shall open new fate!!" SailorPluto said " Let's defend our prince in the... full power!!! "

**** music " Kokoro Tabanete Makin' For The Right " ****

At the palace of the enemy.
Queen Beryl is surrounded by Tuxedo mask and King Endymion , seems delightful. While seeing her, the galactic corps is laughing. Tuxedo mask and King Endymion are the mud doll which Galaxia made. Queen Beryl believes that they are genuine. Amazon trios are sneered at by them too. However, they don't find why they were sneered at. Hawks eye said " That isn't believed acting ". A short while ago the combat was acting about Tuxedo mask and King Endymion. The new subordinates is called by Tigers eye. The new subordinates are Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako. Ami said "Who is a subordinate!?" Minako said "You are a subordinate!!" Tigers eye was surprised. Hawks eye said " Are you composition? It fits terribly nicely!! "(laugh!)
The voice resounds there. The outside solar system soldiers appeared!! They fight. However, Queen Beryl stands up and tries to attack them....
Chibi-Moon came there and said to Queen Beryl. " You give up! The aunt! " Queen Beryl was surprised and said " Aunt..!? "(Laugh and Laugh!) Chibi-Moon said more " Of my PaPa well, he is not. I am perceptive if I see his eyes. Doesn't the aaaaunt find such a thing!? " Queen Beryl was mad and said " Kiiii!! Hateful! Call me a great queen!! "
" Wait a little! "
With the light overflowing, SailorMoon appeared!!
"I cannot permit making all volume attaching for the hatred to me!! Love and justice SailorMoon does Tsuki ni kawatte Osioki yo!! "
SailorMoon and Chibi-Moon showered Queen Beryl with the deadliness skill!
However, Galaxia appeared!! The Sailor Soldiers don't match her. Ami and Rei appeared but to hang a further attack on SailorMoon, they showered the word which is cold to SailorMoon. They are brainwashed.
The beautiful light comes there. Galaxia fears the light and runs away. Tuxedo mask and SailorMoon that were left later.
SailorMoon said " I don't understand how I am good if I do... " Tuxedo mask said " So were you a weakling? Did it fight and didn't it rescue companions? "

**** music " Triple Dreams '98 " ****

The light flashed again and ChibiChibiMoon appeared. The light solved and gave off the brainwash of Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako. Sailor Soldiers rejoiced each other each other!!

~[The 2nd act]~

At the palace of the enemy.

***** music " Yami Koso Utsukushii - Galaxia no Iradachi - " ****
The origin was in first "Gaiden, Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen " and was the one which Queen Beryl sang but this time, a few of these songs changed. Queen Beryl sings gracefully and is dancing but behind it, Galaxia is ruffled.
However, for ruffled Galaxia, Amazon trio talks about the new strategy. With some catchword, it is the one that the switch of the brainwash becomes. On again. The strategy liked Galaxia. Then, it leaves.
Galaxia said " I let's give you a chance.... It's the last one. "
King Endymion asked " Galaxia, What person is the chit which is called that ChibiChibi? "
Queen Beryl asked " Why do you fear though you should be strong? "
Galaxia said " Do you want to know? " All the members listen to Galaxia silently. Galaxia answered " She is my ............. " She says there and has left.
All the members could have pulled out a tempo. Tigers eye said " The reason why she said so is a fact of...It is possible to enjoy in the topic from now !! " And Tigers eye thought " She is my ...... " " The illegitimate child ! " " No, No, No !! She is my ...... " Tigers eye asked Tuxedo mask " Do you think how? She is my ... " Tuxedo mask answered " Hot wind " Tigers eye said " You are affected!! " and he asked King Endymion " Do you think how? She is my ... " He answered " Enemy ".......... Tigers eye said " ..... What it? It's proper! " And he said " Teach me ! She is my ...... " Queen Beryl who was silent to it said suddenly. " next electric shop's girl !! "

(The placebo in this place was different each time.)
Queen Beryl becomes ashamed and has unloaded a curtain(^^;;
" The whole country high school opposition quiz title ! It's heaven if wining, It's hell if defeated!! " he narrator is producer Mr. Nakazawa ^^;; )
In this quiz title, only four win out of five answer persons and Hawaii can be gone from. Only to be alone is defeated.
The presenter is Toranosuke Moribayashi. His identity is Tigers eye...) The assistant is Yoko Uonomi (Her(?) identity is Fish eye...)
The interrogator is the guest, Hikari Toriatama (His identity is Hawks eye..)
**The 1st question**
" TonarinoKyakuwayokuKakikuukyakuda. Bozegabyobunijyozunibozenoewokaita. NamamugiNamagomeNamatamago. Shinsyunnchansonshow !!" (This is an fast word in Japan. The meaning is " The visitor in neighborhood is the visitor who eats a lot of persimmons. The priest pictured the picture of the priest well at the folding screen. Fresh wheat raw rice raw egg. The NewYear chanson show. " )
" By the way, on what did the priest picture? "
Usagi answered " Jyozu !! " It's non-right answer!!!! Moribayashi asked " What? " Usagi said " The shark ! " ( Because the movie "JAWS" and "Jyozu" resemble(^^; Ami answered " Boze ! " It's right answer !! However, this becomes a catchword and Ami has been again brainwashed....
Because it was a non- right answer, Usagi is made 1 paragraph.....
**The 2nd question**
" Intro quiz ! Hear the following Intro and guess a music name !! "
It begins to sing three....
Usagi answered " The heaven and ..... ladyfinger!! " The non- right answer!! ( Because In CM of the ladyfinger which was broadcast before, this music was used.(^^; )
Minako answered " Heaven and hell " It's right answer !! Because it was a non- right answer, Usagi was more made 1 paragraph..
Ami said " You are ashamed in Azabu-jyuuban High-school! "
**The 3rd question**
" It is "x/o" form. Answer in 'x' or 'o'. "
" When saying in English, 'Sakana' is .... " Usagi answered " Fish !! " However, this problem is "Yes and No" form. Usagi was scolded.
" and when saying in English, 'Taka' is 'hawk'. When, saying in English, 'Tiger' is 'Tora' "
Ami said to Usagi quietly " o ... "
Usagi declared con brio " o ". Makoto and Minako declared " x ". The right answer is " x "
Moribayashi said " When saying in English, 'Tiger' is 'Tiger'!! " Makoto and Minako where there was a right answer have been again brainwashed.
Because Usagi failed already, she was made 2 paragraphs....
Amazon trio thinks strangely. Because Usagi didn't do a right answer at all. However, surprisingly, Only at the child like Usagi, it may be to have a beautiful dream...
Amazon trio has never seen even an ordinary dream in addition to the beautiful dream. They thought of it strangely.

**** music " ChibiUsa no kokoroiki " ****

While Usagi cries, it comes there. She chased an enemy originally and sneaked in the television bureau. However, the eyes were giddy from " Hawaii " and she had appeared on the quiz. As for the thing, she was scolded by ChibiUsa.
According to Hotaru, That quiz title was the cobweb of the enemy and was the device which is brainwashed when doing a right answer to the quiz.
ChibiUsa asked " Well, Usagi is to have been all question non- right answers why?.... " Haruka answered quietly " Because, she is silly.... " (Laugh!) ChibiUsa said " It is sometimes useful even if it is silly!! "
Setsuna ran. In the sky in Tokyo, the Space hole sprang a leak !!! The town has exterminated to be as this!!!
Usagi said " I shall rescue my town!! "

**** music " Tekichi wa Ginga TV Kyoku! " ****

(On the paragraph in the rear, Fish eye is the state to be alone and to be doing worries.)
Fish eye looks for Queen Beryl. He has suspicion about the fact that we don't have a dream and the identity of Galaxia and so on.
Fish eye asked " Is Queen Beryl deceived by Galaxia? Galaxia despoils StarSeeds from all life in the universe. And then she has changed stars into the meteor!! "
However, Queen Beryl laughs. Fish eye is scolded by King Endymion and it takes by the companions and to he is returned....
Usagi stole. They heard the story of a short while ago Fish eye. But, with the hit becoming dark....
A door was opened and four Sailor Soldiers appeared. All the member state is strange. " We are Sailor-Galactica !! "
" The galactic corps, SailorMercury... "" SailorMars "" SailorJupiter "" SailorVenus " .......
Usagi called out to them. However, in the converse of being surprised, she had been attacked by them. Uranus cried " Transform !! " and tries to attack them. However, Usagi cried and cried " Stop!! " Uranus said " They are brainwashed !! "
But, Tigers eye said. " This time, it is wasteful. The nightmare is filtering into the inside of their bone. That they dream a beautiful dream can not be decided forever... "
They kneeled down in front of Galaxia. Had their body and feelings fallen into the evil?....
Then, being ordered by Galaxia, four walked slowly to kill Usagi... Usagi was flustered. She cowered with it not believed.
Mercury said " The person raped StarSeed is ........" Then, simultaneousness, four looked back to Galaxia !!
" You !!! "
" Venus Love Me Chain !! "
" Mars Frame Sniper !! "
" Mercury Aqua Rhapsody !! "
" Supreme Thunder !!! "

Galaxia was enveloped with the flame of the explosion and fell. The Amazon trio astonished. The Sailor Soldiers threw away a bracelet. They endured a brainwash and were pretending to do a brainwashed state. The idea was the one which was thought of by the Mercury.
But ........
Galaxia wasn't dead. She doesn't have StarSeed !! For Galaxia who tries to lay a Sailor Soldier, " the light " lashed. She began to manipulate time and space freely to control it.
Usagi and ChibiUsa came in front of Queen Beryl. Then, Usagi said to Queen Beryl " that you were deceived ". However, Queen Beryl doesn't try to believe. King Endymion came there.
ChibiUsa asked to King Endymion " Answer if you are my PaPa!! What is my dream? What time is my birthday!? The food which I like!? The type of the boy whom I like!? The wedding anniversary of the mamma and you!!? "
Queen Beryl saw King Endymion, that it seemed that it was anxious. However, it came while King Endymion began to laugh quietly and Galaxia, too, laughed at the same time!!
And.... On her hand... There was StarSeed which manages the earth!!!
Galaxia laughed " HAHAHA!! He died while he murmured your name!! " Therefore, Queen Beryl wakened. As for the fact that Tuxedo-mask was killed, King Endymion in the future doesn't exist!
Usagi implored while staggered "Return... Return Mamo-chan ..... " Galaxia said " When seeing a fellow like you, I become heartburn. Die !!! " The beam which Galaxia gave off aimed at Usagi !!
However, it presented a body and it is ChibiUsa that defended Usagi !!
ChibiUsa fell to the arm of Usagi. Usagi doesn't understand what she is good if she calls. ChibiUsa said "My dream is.. become a nice soldier strongly like SailorMoon" And she said " I like you big."
At the palace of the enemy. The Sailor Soldiers are fighting against the enemies. Galaxia appeared in front of them.
" Sailor planet attack !! "
But, As for it, Galaxia didn't have an effect at all. She cried " It attack from me.. Galactica magnum !! "
Because of the powerful beam, Sailor Soldiers were blown. Galaxia said to them " Even if it does by many degree, it's the same thing."
Amazon trio said "By the way, it is how? Do you become our companion truly this time by getting this bracelet? "
Venus said " Without frolicking ". Mars said " If being as becoming your companion, it had better die " Mercury said " If even the princess can keep, we may become how " Hawk eye asked " Such spinelessness, we think that it is permitted to be how ? "
Venus said " Is it the one which you find! "
Mercury said " She is our dream "
Fish eye asked " Dream? "
Neptune answered " Our mission keep a dream ".
Uranus said " The dream of all persons of this star We fight to keep it !"
Mercury said " If she disappears, our dream, too, has disappeared ".
Fish eye asked " Also, are a dream, or !? dream? dream? dream!? being what which entered in it? " Jupiter asked " You, too, will have about one dream?".
Galaxia appeared. Then, she said " Only it of the advertisement? "
Sailor Soldier said " The soldier who doesn't have that anyone believes... The fellow like you doesn't understand forever!!! "
Galaxia said " But I thought whether or not I would kill you after I enjoyed It did me do the previous making of to be angry seriously!!! " And She summoned SailorMoon.
" See!! the death of your companions!!! "

**** music " Sorezore no elegy " ****

(In the performance, Fumina and Yukiko had cried truly.)
SailorPluto and SailorSaturn appeared. Then, they challenged Galaxia. But, they can not defeat Galaxia. For give them the last blow, the Galactica corps appeared.
" Wait!! "
Queen Beryl appeared and asked " I want to ask Galaxia. Did you use my hatred only? " Galaxia answered " It's proper! The mere being of you is done "to be disposable ". Does it disappear ? or, does it become my subordinate and does it live? "
Queen Beryl said " I of the queen in this star don't want to lose 'Pride' I ever " Galaxia said " Well, die!"
Queen Beryl answered " Yes... With you. "
Galactica corps confronted Queen Beryl but doesn't match. Galaxia said to Queen Beryl to reconsider, but Queen Beryl glared at her and said her." If killed, I shall make an aspect strike!! "
Galaxia said to Queen Beryl " Out of consideration for your pride, I will give you dignity death " "Dignity death" is to kill her with the Amazon Trio who is the subordinate of Queen Beryl.
"Dark Dome Close !!"
"Silence wall !! "
Surprisingly, The persons who helped Queen Beryl were SailorPluto and SailorSaturn!! Queen Beryl searched " Helping me why?" Sailor Pluto answered " Because the smell which is the same as us does you ".

**** music " Onna no ronsou " ****

SailorSaturn said to Queen Beryl "You run away to them in the space. " Then, Queen Beryl was set free at them in the space by SailorPluto and SailorSaturn.
And, SailorPluto and SailorSaturn challenged Galaxia. But, they don't match. It cried that it stopped SailorMoon to them. SailorSaturn murmured " The place where there is our true dream in the place where you are ".
Again, they challenged Galaxia. But.... SailorMoon cried " Stop!!!!!! "
Galaxia said to SailorMoon " Did you have a little strong subordinate? " SailorMoon said " It's not a subordinate. They are the friend whom I am important to. Do you do such a thing and are delightful? The red blood is streaming down your body, too. Is it different? "
Galaxia said "Be silent!" SailorMoon said "I am not silent!" Galaxia said " Die if being!"
SailorMoon answered " You can not kill me. Because, I don't have the mood which kills you. I believes that you are the same human being about me. "
Fish eye asked to Galaxia "Why don't we have tears? Why don't we have a dream? You teach!! "However, Galaxia said to them " The brute ".And, She did the cane to them. Sailor Moon controlled Galaxia. Then, she said " If finding the heart to believe, it is not a brute. All lives and All persons, I defend them!! "
Then, Galaxia ordered them to kill SailorMoon. Then headed for Sailor Moon. But, it turned around and it glared at Galaxia.
Galaxia was angry " But you are the appointment of the brute!" Fish eye said " The brute is you! "
" If there is a heart, They are not a brute. " Queen Beryl appeared.(The smiling face of Queen Beryl who smiles gently for the Amazon trio at this time is nice.)
Galaxia asked " You are here why? " Queen Beryl answered " Because Pluto was dead, there got not to be a soldier who keeps space." Galaxia asked " Because you were lonely about alone, did you come for death? " And Queen Beryl asked "Are you the truly lonely person? See! to SailorMoon. She tries to Galaxia, not hating you even if a companion is made a battle. "
Galaxia said " If being, does it attempt to be made to make resent me? " She left. Tuxedo-mask and King Endymion came to the change. " We are the strongest soldier in the Galactica empire..... "
Sailor Moon tried to stop them and headed but being about to kill him oppositely. Queen Beryl cried " Galaxia! You doesn't understand. What is this world made of? If losing love, this universe disappears!! "
Tuxedo mask said " Because you were weak, as for your companion, all the members were dead ". However, SailorMoon said "They are not dead! I believe when I can always meet all. " King Endymion said " Well, let's make you meet all. " Then, he shook a cane to kill SailorMoon and warmed it!!!
" Innocent!! "
" Why!? "
Queen Beryl made a body a shield and defended Sailor Moon!! King Endymion was surprised. Queen Beryl said to SailorMoon " The princess in the moon must not erase this world. If you get not to be, this world passes away. If passing away, I can not hate you... " And Queen Beryl said " Even if you are mud doll, I want to be with you.... "
Then, Queen Beryl died with King Endymion. Two fell to the mezzanine....
Tuxedo mask said " Disappear! and as for the mission of me, erase this world " " SailorMoon !! " Amazon trio cried. However......
.....The light twinkled and ChibiChibi appeared and She said " Don't help! Fate in the Metagalaxy depends on this combat!! " Tuxedo mask said " SailorMoon, If even you die, the wasteful pain ends. " SailorMoon answered " I can not die yet. I fight and take and return all. Then, I take and return most important Mamo-chan. "
Tuxedo mask said "If it does it, it receives all power which you have from me."
SailorMoon answered " I give to you all my power!! " Then, she hugged Tuxedo mask!! The wicked energy scattered from the body of Tuxedo-mask who is a mud doll!! SailorMoon said " There is Mamo-chan in the back of your pupil."
The voice...
" The crisis is approaching a Metagalaxy. All collapses and the left one is the world of the fearful silence. What is it possible to rescue it? It is not bloody killing fitting. It is the gentle heart where the companion sympathizes. And it is the heart with nerve which keeps and pulls out the ones to love even if it makes its life sacrifice. "
SailorMoon said "Dear Endymion ... "
Tuxedo mask said "Usa..! Not be defeated! Usa..... " SailorMoon said "I am not defeated! I fight and retrieve all!! "
Tigers eye asked to ChibiChibi " Are you what of Galaxia? " ChibiChibi answered " I am Galaxia's Starseed !! "
ChibiChibi said " Let's go! to the place at which the star is born and it the star's Galaxy Cauldron!! "

Shin Densetsu Kourin : The Finale

On the past when a galaxy was created, at Galaxy Cauldron , " Chaos " which is the wicked root was born. Chaos produced all evils and then it changed stars into the darkest darkness. Sailor Soldiers were killed one after another and this universe got to seem filled with the darkness. Then, the last decisive battle defied a chaos as the strongest Sailor Soldier by me.
But, if I fought many times, Chaos had fearful power and was restored. It's long... It's hard... It's never stop battle.... I could have sealed Chaos in my body to bring it to an end. However, my body was gradually undermined by the Chaos. I set Starseed free in the universe before my body was dominated by Chaos.
The incarnation of the Starseed is me. Then, in the chaos, in the whole body, it is ruled and the strongest Sailor Soldier who was made a monarch is ....
Galaxia laughed "HAHAHA!! If attempting to be said to, there was a such Sailor Soldier." The strong light twinkled and Sailor Moon emerged. She said "Because the one" with " full power believes all who loves ".
However, A lot of stars flashed when Galaxia waved and warmed a hand. All of these are Starseed which she raped. She said " It is possible to fight if wanting these!". Sailor Moon called " fighting!" but Galaxia laughs only.
Amazon trio came to the help there. They said " Entrusting all of us to her!" They became hard to defend Sailor Moon against Galaxia.
SailorMoon asked to sky " Galaxia, I ask you! Lending us your light! "
The light exploded!! Galaxia was blown by the light. ChibiChibi appeared!

**** music " Mou iino " ****

ChibiChibi said to SailorMoon " Now ! please !! "

(At this time, Fumina retires to change. Actually, SuperSailorMoon who is dancing on the paragraph is Ado Endo.)

" Moon eternal make up !! "
ChibiChibi said "Let's my light in you!"
SailorMoon said "This light is a your star blaze. And the hope of you who forgot I rescue all future by this light!! "
" Starlight honeymoon serape kiss !!! "
Galaxia was wrapped up by the explosion!! But.... The rumble of the ground and the thunder boomed there.
" I am the ruler of Cordron. I was opened." By Galaxia's falling, the chaos was open!! and he said " Therefore, I swallow your Starseed and change this place into the primitive sea!! "

(The person who is playing the voice of the chaos is Ryuji Kasahara. He acted Tigers eye, Deathler and Chaos before.)

SailorMoon said " I am worthless. My power doesn't come out.. " Amazon trio said to SailorMoon " Don't give up !! "
" Galactica SuperStreem !! "
Galaxia came to the help and she thanked Sailor Moon. Then, she said " I shall help the future of your companions !" She went for the chaos.
And Amazon trio said to SailorMoon "SailorMoon, you will become a our friend if meeting this time!! " They went for the chaos.
Chaos said " SailorMoon, You murdered brothers." SailorMoon asked " Brothers!? " Chaos said " Darkness incarnations passed away from here and the wickedness went. Their are your brothers!! "
SailorMoon cried " Are the enemies who fought so far my brother? For me to have fought for the loving person, for me to have fought for the loving companion. I don't understand already!! How am I good if I do???? "
"..Usagi-chan?.... " SailorMoon asked "Ami?" "..Usagi ! ....... " SailorMoon asked "Rei?" " As far as there is your love, we are your side!! " All the members lived and returned!!! Galaxia helped them. They said "The nerve which throws all away and The nerve which accepts all, it's about to forget The invincible power... Don't waver and let's fight!! "
SailorMoon said " Understood!! I don't waver already !!! "
**** music " La soldier " ****

SailorMoon said " SilverMoon Crystal eternal power... Let's go!! " All of Sailor soldier shout " Sailor planet super attack!! "
At the same time as the chaos died out, a lot of light began to overflow!!

(The effect of this light is beautiful truly. It hit a ceiling and a wall and made the whirlpool of the light. At the seat, all children were crying for " beautiful!" )

" What is the flood of this light? "
" These are the light of the warriors who scattered by Cauldron. "
" They return to the star of us and lead. "
" Is this, too, the power of the silver crystal? "
"...That's right!! "
" Dear Tuxedo Mask !? "
" We become one again!! "
**** music " Miracle Twister " ****

SailorMoon said to Tuxedo Mask "I never leaves from you already." Tuxedo Mask asked to SailorMoon "Do you understand? SailorMoon? The enemies whom you beat so far, Why did they need you? It is the same as " the feelings which look for the companions and me whom you love ".
SailorMoon answered " Yes! Because, anyone is the star with solitary, look each other. Wanting to become one....become one....There is dear smell. There is Queen Beryl. There is Galaxia... Because, All still are Newborn StarSeeds.. "
" We can make the future again."
" We can make the new fable which continues....... forever !! "

*** music " Everlasting Moonlight ***

(The theme song of Shin Densetsu Kourin)
Everlasting Moonlight's Text Translation

That meteor is the Revelation at the dawn.
It proceeds with Neo-millenium.
Anyone says, saying "The happy escape leg is fast" but evanesces at the speed
which is the same in the pain and the sadness, too.

Therefore, remember...

Remember once already.
The meeting person of all all all....
Remember once already.

It's a promise for the love in the future.
It can brighten even the scar of tears.

Everlasting Moonlight
Everlasting Moonlight

You taught when and whether or not it is.
" The answer of the love is not only one. "
You may not forget not being forgot. And, You may not learning that it isn't
possible to learn beforehand.

However, remember...

Remember only this.
The meeting happening of all all all....
Remember only this.

It's support the Your Tomorrow.
It's generously showered to The heart which has a dream.

Everlasting Moonlight
Everlasting Moonlight


Remember once already.
The meeting person of all all all....
Remember once already.

It's a promise for the love in the future.
It's generously showered to The heart which has a dream.

Everlasting Moonlight
Everlasting Moonlight

At the curtain call "Everlasting Moonlight"

***** And the request song is "La Moon" *****

At last, Fumina said "Arigato gozaimashita !! "

** Gimu-Gimu **


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