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SeraMyu Information

'SeraMyu' is what Japanese fans call "Sailor Moon Musical". It's not a TV show, but a theatrical production and a live stage musical show! It is produced by Bandai Visual© and Bandai Visual Musical Office©!

SeraMyu has been a Tradition of SailorMoon fans all over the world, starting in the year of 1993. This wonderful era of Musicals began with the First Stage Generation, led by the wonderful performer, Anza Oyama, as Usagi Tsukino - SailorMoon.

Gradually, every year represented a new Musical and Season of the SailorMoon Anime, linking the two together. Year after year, each Musical had its own story line, performers and style. Listed below are the titles of every Musical and its performing year.

1993 - SailorMoon : Gaiden, Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen
1994 - SailorMoon S : Ai no Senshi e no Michi
1995 - SailorMoon SuperS : Yume Senshi, Ai, Eien ni
1996 - Sailor Stars
1997 - Eien Densetsu
1998 - Shin Densetsu Kourin
1999 - Kaguya Shima Densetsu
2000 - Shin Henshin ~ Super Senshi he no Michi ~Last Dorakuru Jyokyoku
2000/2001 - Kessen / Toranshibania no Mori ~ Shin Toujou! ChibiMoon wo Mamoru Senshi-Tachi
2001 - [Pt. 1] Rasuto Dorakuru / Desu Barukan ~ [Pt. 2] Suupaa Rebiyuu Miyuujikaru Shiyou

The Second Stage Generation began the season after Anza Oyama left the stage with an incredible 5 year term record, that was shared with Ayako Morino, the performer of Ami Mizuno - SailorMercury. Picking up where Anza left off, the new Usagi Tsukino actress was Fumina Hara. Unfortunately, Fumina's term was cut severly short due to preparation for college and she only performed for the 1998 and 1999 stages of the Musicals. Everyone awaited the announcement of the new SailorMoon Cast, for the 2000 Stage! Nearly all the Senshi returned from that of the Kaguya Shima Densetsu Stage, except for Fumina Hara, of course, Seiko Nakazawa [SailorPluto] and Sara Shimada [SailorNeptune]. Amano Hironari [Tuxedo Kamen] wasn't scheduled to return, unfortunately, so yet again, a new Tuxedo had be chosen, as well as a new Neptune and Pluto. The newest cast members consist of Miyuki Kanbe as the Third and Newest SailorMoon, Hidemasa Edo as the Fourth Tuxedo Kamen, Teruyo Watanabe as the Fifth SailorPluto, and Yuhka Asami as the Sixth SailorNeptune. Yuhka Asami isn't that new to the Stage though - - She replaced Sara Shimada in the Summer Kaguya Shima Densetsu.

SailorMoon Musicals are a must for every SailorMoon fan! Its definetly one of the best ways in experiencing the delight, happiness and joy of SailorMoon. The Music, Choregraphy, Performers and Storyline truly make their mark on each viewer, and may the Musicals live on!