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22 April 00:

Updating the ENTIRE Cast List, as well as the profiles listed.
Also, some pictures are finally up for Cast Members whom did not have any.

04 April 00:

Reported by Emi-mama, the Cast for Myu Summer 2000 :
"Miyuki Kanbe, Mariya Izawa, Emi Kuriyama, Nao Takagi, Yuuka Asami, Yuko Hosaka, Maria Tomioka, Alice (Arisu) Izawa, Hidemasa Edo, Hikari Ono, Ryuji Kasahara, Miki Kawasaki, Shiori Eguchi, Miho Suzuki, Hitomi (can't read her last name), Kumi Nishijima, others."
Also, Akiko Miyazawa may be returning for this New Myu, and Yuta Mochizuki will not.
Last Dorakuru Jyokoku VIDEO available for public sale 25 APRIL 2000 [Tuesday].
The Serial Number is "YYR-203".
You can order it from places such as CD Japan or Animail today!

07 March 00 :

Updated the Important Dates Section, with even more great info, now including the 2000 Cast Members.
Also, the Cast Page has been renovated and remodeled.
New pictures and profile updates will follow soon.

20 February 00 :

Visual Cast Pages of all three Second Stage Musicals are now available!
Please visit them on the MAIN PAGE by clicking the Musical Tags for each year [i.e "shin densetsu kourin"..]

14 February 00 :

The Senshi's Images from the Last Dracul Program Book are up!
Check them out @ the Program Scans Section!
The Merchandise Section has also been updated @ this link!

11 February 00 :

So much to do, so little time!!
I have posted the Images of the CD Musical 8 Album, located in the CD Shrine Gallery!!
I have received the 2000 Myu Koushiki Guide Video and Program Book, so there will be VERY MANY IMAGES up within the next week!
Check back regularly!

05 February 00 :

New Musical News!
The Next Musical, taking place Summer 2000, is called, "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Kessen / Transilvania no mori ~ Shin toujou! ChibiMoon o mamoru senshi tachi ~".
It is rumored to have the Amazone Quartet in it!
Stay tuned for more details, or check Bandai's Page at
I also updated the Merchandise Section, and posted a few more pictures!

27 January 00 :

Cleaned up the Multimedia Section.
I removed all the MP3s due to broken links and replaced with a Lyrics Section.
Hopefully there will be an MP3 Section before March.

24 January 00 :

A Section of the CD Gallery has finally been put up - - "Fan ga Eranda" CD! Click here to see it!
Updated the "Cast Info" section as well.
The other CD Galleries should be finished by the end of this month, or next month.

21 January 00 :

New look for the site!
Two CDs of Myu have been released. One is "Fan ga Eranda" or rather, "Best Song Collecton" 1993-1999. It is different from the first one, and I must say, it deserves five stars! It is hosted by Yuta Mochizuki and Ryuji Kasahara. 25 tracks in total.
The second CD is the Musical 2000 Memorial Album 8. I have not received my copy yet, but it is on its way! I'll give more info about it soon.
Last Dorakuru Jyokoku Winter is over, and Ayano Gunzi as well as Mao Mita have bid their farewell to the SeraMyu Stage. Ayano hopes to return to the musicals again one day, as SailorMoon! Nothing more has been said about Mao Mita, but reports shall hopefully follow.
Also, the 2000 Summer musical has been rumored to *not* be the same as Last Dorakuru Jyokoku. More reports on this soon as well.

16 January 00 :

Nearly ALL of the Main Pages have been updated, now with LAST DORAKURU JYOKOKU Information / Images / etc.!!!
Check Products - Misc. and Gallery for most updates, as well as the 2000 Page!
Make sure to join my today!!!

04 January 00 :

Happy New Year! ^,^
The SeraMyu UnOfficial International Fan Club is doing quite well, and new members are always...always welcome!
Notice the new picture of Fumina & Miyuki on the head page? Kawaii, neh? :D
Updated a few more profiles in Cast section.
Fumina Hara's section has 9 new images up, scanned by me from the Champion Weekly Magazine, Vol 40 - 09 Sep 99.

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