Old Page Updates
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Old Page Updates

29 December 99 :

Nothing much to report - - Things have been updated here and there in several sections.
The SeraMyu UnOfficial International Fan Club is now OPEN for business!
Visit it today at seramyuclub.tripod.com
The NEW Myu Stage begins NEXT WEEK! Can't wait ^,^

11 December 99 :

Page has been re-fined. Most broken link pictures have been removed. Soon, all ART files will be replaced with JPG. Check back soon.
More info / pics from 'Last Dorakuru Jokyoku' are up in several different sections.
Happy [Belated] Birthdays to Yuri Nishina and Hikari Ono!!!

02 December 99 :

The page is now available in Frames and No-Frames Versions!
Lots of sections have been updated, especially the products section.
The Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteban video scan is also up!
SailorMoon Musical Unofficial Club cards are in mass production.
When Club is officially opened, I will update!

23 November 1999 :

More Images in the Gallery!
The SeraMyu 2000 Page is Updated with a new picture of Miyuki.
Cast List for 2000 soon to be translated by SeraMyu ONElist members.
The Fliers Section has been created! Check it out!

16 / 17 / 19 / 22 November 1999 :

New Images in Gallery! Check Gallery Main, Inner and Outer Senshi Sections!
The SeraMyu 2000 Cast Page is Updated with new pictures.
Products / Merchandise section also updated.
Also, links page updated.

13 November 1999 :

New! Send Fanmail to Members of the Second Stage by visiting the 'Write the Cast' section! Addresses translated by my friend, Kahori Nakamura!
The SeraMyu Unofficial Fanclub Prototype Page has been updated a bit, and we're nearing the final structure of our Club Card! Sign ups will be available to non-SeraMyu-ONElist Members soon, so I'll keep you updated!
The New SeraMyu 2000 CD & 'SailorMoon Musical Best Songs' soon to be released on the date of 01 January 00. Make sure to reserve them today!

10 November 1999 :

Great news! The SeraMyu ONElist has decided to launch an UNOFFICIAL SERAMYU FAN CLUB! Thats right! The club will be developing soon, and if you'd like more info on it, please go to the Club Prototype Page for a little more info.
I've worked a little on the Gallery Section, as well as the Merchandise section. The Album galleries should be up soon as well!
The lovely SaylorM0ON@aol.com gave me a lovely SeraMyu Award! Click here to see it!

06 November 1999 :

The NEW SailorMoon Actress has been revelealed!
Thanks to Emi-sama [Seeraa-Mama!], she revealed to we SeraMyu ONElist members that the new actress is Miyuki Kanbe!
To see a picture of her, as well as the cast vertifications, please go to my SeraMyu 2000 Page!
I should be posting more cast pictures soon. Please check regularly - - I have several new pics of Kaguya in the galleries, as well as one from the Kaguya Kaiteban.

26 October 1999 :

Pretty much covered all the bases of the page! I consider the page 're-opened! ^,^
More cast parts have been confirmed! :
Hisano Akamine > Mercury | Eri Kanda > Mars | Emi Kuriyama > Jupiter | Nao Inada > Venus | Nao Takagi > Uranus | Yuka Asami > Neptune | Mao Mita > Saturn | Ayano Gunzi > ChibiMoon
Miki Kawasaki, Ryuji Kasahara and Yuta Mochizuki are confirmed as well, but their parts have not.
I certainly hope the wonderful Seiko Nakazawa will return as Pluto, and we still have yet to find out the new SailorMoon Actress!

22 October 1999 :

I have situated the Image Galleries for now. I will soon work on the First Stage Sections, but continue to more extensively work with the Second Stage Sections.
On October 20, 1999 ~ Happy 11th Birthday, Mikiko Asuke! [ChibiChibi 1998]
Sara Shimada [Neptune 1998-1999] has her own Y2K Millenium Calendar out! Get it today at www.planetanime.com!
All files that were located in my "ShinKourin" Tripod account have been deleted, unfortunately. It will take some time for the files to be recovered and uploaded once more.

07 October 1999 :

Sorry to announce, but Fumina Hara will not be returning as SailorMoon for this Years Stage of "Shin Henshin - Super Senshi he no Michi - Last Dorakuru Jyokyoku". Leaving the Stage as well, is Hikari Ono, after her 3 year term in the Musicals!.
We will dearly miss you Mina-chan, Pikari-san!!
Ryuji Kasahara will be returning to the stage for the next musical, so the duo of he and Yuta Mochizuki is reunited!
Links page is being updated. I may be changing the format of the Page, seeing as I will only be doing it on the Second Stage Musicals, as in, the only two with Fumina Hara as SailorMoon [Shin Densetsu Kourin and Kaguya Shima Densetsu].

05 September 1999 :

Page is going through some minor adjustments ^,^
Links Page Updated
Updated "My Pages" on "About Me"
Currently Attempting to update the Kaguya Shrine.. and will do! More Pics, Info, etc. coming soon!
Kaguya Shima Densetsu Ends tomorrow - 06 September 99!! :(

28 June 1999 :

1000 Hits Since 01 January 1999!!!

25 June 1999 :

The Theme Best CD Page by Page Shrine is now up!
View it at : http://members.tripod.com/~ShinKourin/themebest.html
There is now a Header Picture at the top of the Main Page! It rotates every other reload! Try it out!

20 June 1999 :

Had to change things around, so now there is a seperate page which contains all of my galleries! Please notice this!
The Shin Densetsu Memorial Album Page-By-Page Shrine is Finally Up!
Page Hit Count has grown from 730 to 860 in 2 days! :D

16 June 1999 :

Finally Updated the Cast Out of Costume Gallery! Check it out!
Lyrics to most Shin Songs are now linked from Lyric Moon! Arigato, Catherine Li!
The 1993 - 1999 Actor / Actress Page is practically done, but only some Actors / Actresses have pictures.

29 May 1999 :

Sorry to say, but Sara Shimada will not be returning as SailorNeptune for this Summer's Stage of Kaguya Shima Densetsu.
If you would like to see the new cast list, please go here :
Sorry, but that page is Japanese only.
Two other dancers have also been replaced.
We will Miss You, Sara-san!!

24 May 1999 :

Happy 11th Birthday Ayano Gunzi!
New Section : Senshi Throughout the Years of Myu is up, but not linked.
The Throughout the years page is available for previewing @ http://members.tripod.com/~ShinDensetsu/years.html
Extensive work for more Kaguya Myu Images is still being made.

22 May 1999 :

Happy 18th Birthday Fumina Hara!
New Sections : Cast Gallery, Kaguya Shrine & Updates
Most Page Sections Updated!
Extensive work for more Kaguya Myu Images is being made.
Inner Senshi through the Years Shrine should be up very soon.

18 May 1999 :

New Sections
Media Section Updated : New Tables and Possible Lyrics Links coming soon.
500 Hits Since January 1999!
Seperate Gallery for Cast Member Pictures created.

14 May 1999 :

Happy 17th Birthday Asami Sanpei!
More Cast Out of Costume Pictures Uploaded.

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