Chiho Oyama
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Chiho Oyama

SailorJupiter - Makoto Kino

Nicknames : Chiho, Chi-chan / Blood Type : A / DOB : 12 July 83
Most Preferred Food(s) : Avocado , Crab / Least Preferred Food(s) : Peas

Chiho's Images
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*Profile from SDK Program Book

A great actress like her older sister Anza Oyama, Chiho proves to have the stage quality to play SailorJupiter / Makoto. Unfortunately, Chiho-chan didn't return for Kaguya Shima Densetsu. Why? No idea! Nevertheless, Chiho-chan is now continuing to boost her career by appearing in TV shows and other entertainment fields.
As one of the few of the Myu cast I personally met, I can honestly say that Chiho is definetly a very nice and polite young woman, with a smile worth a million dollars!

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