Ado Endo
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Ado Endo

Dark Moon / Dark Menorer / Death Nightmare I

Nickname : Ado / Blood Type : AB / DOB : 06 November 1972

Ado Endo could be considered a 'native' of SeraMyu, afterall, she has risen from a background dancer to a lead villain! Ado began performing in the First Stage, I believe, as a background dancer, as noted earlier. But in her performance of Kaguya Shima Densetsu, Ado-san took on a much bigger role, as one of Dark Plazman's Minions. She also returned for the 2000 musical, "Last Dorakuru Jyokoku", but this time, only as a background dancer once again. She has not been scheduled to take part in the upcoming 2000 Summer Musical yet, so Ado-Fans, cross those fingers!

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