Second Stage Musical Products
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Second Stage Musical Products

Here you will find various products that are distributed of the Second Stage. Obviously not all products are shown, unfortunately. I don't have them all / haven't found them all yet ^.^ Enjoy browsing these individual pages, and hopefully you can find somewhere to purchase items for yourself, such as TokyoPop or CD Japan.

[This section is Currently in Further Construction!]
Sections with an * have been updated!

Description / ItemCode #Release DatePrice
*Musical Poster Fliers
*Miscellaneous Items
SDK SailorSenshi-tachi Fan
SDK ChibiMoon & ChibiChibiMoon Keychain
SDK SailorSenshi-tachi ButtonsN/AN/A1,800 [set] / 200 [each]
Memorial of the Musical 6 AlbumCOCC-1525910 July 982,000
SDK Guide VideoYYV-1001N/A1,714
*Shin Densetsu Kourin VideoYYV-15625 December 984,000
*Kaguya Shima Densetsu VideoYYV-18125 June 994,000

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