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1998 Misc. Products

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Shin Densetsu Kourin Fan
This was given as a complimentary souvenir to those who bought Media Products, such as Videos and CDs!


Shin Densetsu Kourin Dated Keychain
This keychain was given to me by SailorVenus [ Miyu-chan! ^^ ] when the Special Ticket holders where allowed on stage to greet several Cast Members! [ Pluto, Saturn, Galaxia, Jupiter, Venus, FishEye and TigersEye ]
Also, this keychain is dated the day I saw SeraMyu : 16 July 98 (Thu)

[ Moon - Mercury - Mars - Jupiter - Venus]
[ Pluto - Uranus - Neptune - Saturn ]

Shin Densetsu Kourin Character Collectors Buttons
These KAWAII buttons were sold in the Lobby at Sunshine. I bought mine as a set of Nine [no ChibiMoon, Kamen, etc -.-].. but I noticed something : They have a typo on Sara Shimada-san's last name.. ^.^; .. Simada! Also, I have these buttons on a strip of blue cloth, decorated and dated with the day I saw SeraMyu, as shown in Saturn's Button Picture.

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